Infection Control
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All instruments are subjected to the international sterilization protocol which includes chemical sterilization, digital ultrasonic cleaning followed by autoclaving.

We use disposable items for every patient. For e.g. Glasses, tray tops, instrument pouches, gloves, masks and suction tips.

All our lab coats, patientsí drapes, scrubs, goggles and clinic hygiene are maintained according to hospital standards.

We have state-of-the-art sterilization.

All the instruments are first washed, scrubbed and then disinfected using appropriate chemical sterilization methods. The instruments are then subjected to digital ultrasonic cleaning. Following this the instruments are subjected to the most important sterilization procedure .i.e. Autoclaving. We have the latest Front Open Autoclave.

We use disposable items which are thrown away after every single we only use disposable glasses for each and every patient.

Our infection control management is assesed by ISO 9001-2008 Certified body.

Every possible precaution for each patient is taken to eliminate cross - infection.

Autoclave Class B

Ultra sonic cleaner

Materials used for infection control

Needle burner & cutter
Sterilization pouches
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